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Holiday Apps

The holidays are full of shopping, travel and festive cheer! It's also full of stress, busy malls,  and spending lots of money, but did you know that there's a way to make all of that easier this holiday season?  We've compiled a list of great holiday apps that will show you great deals, lessen your traveling stress and keep the kids entertained! 

Travel Apps:

           This app helps you pick the best dates by price. It also helps with limiting the number of layovers and applying filters for cheaper flights.

2. Hipmunk
             Let's you pick your flight between a cheaper itinerary or a comfortable direct flight.

             Packages your entire itinerary so you have it right at your fingertips.

4. Hotel Tonight
             Helps you find comfortable and reasonable priced hotels to stay during your holiday travels.

5. Find your Friends
             Keep tabs on where your friends will be and where you can meet up later!

Shopping Apps:

1. ShopSavvy- 

Emote Your Brand Through Colors : Holiday Edition

It's the holiday season! Our favorite time of the year to give and receive presents. Did you know that the way we wrap our presents has a psychological effect on the person receiving them? The first thing we notice about any present is its color and what could be inside of it. There are three ways we react to color during the holiday season and every time we look at a brand:

1. Color Symbolism 2. Conscious Association 3. Color Psychology
When a woman see's a "robin blue" box, what is the first thing she thinks of? A Tiffany's box, of course! Or how about when a boy see's the alluring green X on the cover of his brand new X-BOX. All of these colors are consciously associated with a brand or product. We get excited about seeing these colors and shapes because we know it'll be something beautiful or fun inside the box.
Color psychology and symbolism is also present with different cultures. Gifts in China are typically wrapped in red as it is a symbol of good fort…

Emote Your Brand Through Colors

Brand Marketing is no child's play. There are so many variables that help establish a brand in a positive way. Human psychology plays an important role in marketing and persuasion. The colors, words, and images you use all play a role in how you brand yourself, your product or your service.
According to the study "Impact of color on marketing" 90% of quick judgments made about products were based on color alone.

What do these colors really mean?

Color influences how a customer views the brand and its personality. We also associate colors with brand identity. We recognize brands by their colors and how they make us feel.

The Psychology of Color: Color/visual ques = high impact on conversion rates
Audiences have a limitied attention span when it comes to the internet. The only way to grab their attention is by standing out. Companies and websites does this with bold colors. Colors can directly affect your online marketing conversions. 
According to Jenner Aaker and her studied ti…

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a day of giving back and doing something for the greater good. It is followed by two of the biggest shopping days of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday is fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. Not only can you donate, but you can also volunteer your time and energy to a great cause. Want to know how you can give back this year? Check out the list we put together for this year's #GivingTuesday

1. Visit the official Giving Tuesday website to join the movement. You can find organizations, ways to volunteer and where to donate!

2. Use Amazon a lot for your holiday shopping? Well make sure to use Amazon Smile from now on when checking out. Select the organization you want to receive a portion of your total as a donation.

3. Give blood. American Red Cross is always sponsoring blood drives for those who are in desperate need.

4. Donate goods to the Salvation Army. You can do this through multiple ways such as sponsoring a child th…

Black Friday & Cyber Monday!


Election Day Apps & Freebies!

Have you voted yet? Well you better hurry! Election Day is here and that means it's time to let our voices be heard and do our civic duty. Check out some cool apps to help you stay updated on the entire election! Rock The VoteThis website lets you plug in your address to find your nearest polling location. It also provides information on the candidates.CNN- PoliticsKeep updated on polling results throughout election dayPoliticoCheck out all the election coverage with this site. You can see who is winning and where votes are going.NPR OneListen to election day coverage instead of reading about it with this app.Hillary 2016Created specifically for the democratic nominee and how supporters can learn more about her platformAmerica FirstTrump supports can interactive with this app and get updatesElection 2016 EmojisInvest in some election day emojis featuring some of the most hilarious political moments of 2016PollTrackerPerfect for people who one minute-to-minute data and poll updatesA…

PAR: Marketing with an Edge

Do you have the power? 
We've got PAR Power!

Today, we are excited to announce our new arm of PAR! We now offer Social Media Consulting Services that feature Market Strategy, Social Media Management & Market Research. Our love and passion for creativity motivated us to work with small business owners on their marketing needs.

Through our three step process we will:
Run a marketing audit of all your social media networksAnalyze the competition and conduct market researchReinvent and build an interactive marketing strategyWe help you understand marketing landscapes through competitive and current trend analysis. We conduct market research on your behalf to gather data to support your venture into new territories.
Our Services Include: Social Media Management & MarketingMarket ResearchSocial Media DesignSocial Media SchedulingSocial Media Tracking & AnalysisSocial Media Advertising

Let us give you the POWER to become a Social Media Guru!
For more information check out our brochur…

5 Spooky Tech Tools for this Halloween

Halloween use to be about carving pumpkins and dressing up. Now it's all about who has the best lights, decorations and spooky effects! Are you worried you're going to fall behind on the Halloween decorations this year? Then check out some great tech tools to make your house the scariest on the block!
Motion DectectorsControl everything from fog machines to spiderwebs and give your neighbors a chilling thrill.Thermographic CamerasWorried about those pesky ghosts? Well, worry now more with your own thermo camera to keep those poltergeists away!Virtual RealityExplore some Halloween themed adventures with Google CardboardUndead yourselfBecome a zombie with ZombieBooth and The Walking Dead's "Undead Yourself" AppSpooky Hologram'sUse an old CRT monitor to create a terrifying hologram

It's time to celebrate Diwali!

Last minute shopping pending?
Check out these great options for all of your Diwali shopping needs! AmazonSnap DealMyntraFlip KartJa Bong

It’s Diwali time which means it's time to dance and party, no language barriers! Check out these great music sites to get the party started!
GaanaSaavnHungama Music

Go Eco-Friendly this Diwali and check out these cool apps for safe alternatives to fireworks. Fireworks ArcadeFireworks

Indulge in a charity of your choice. Spread the joy and happiness to others this Diwali!

Pan Asia Resources wishes you a safe and fun-filled Diwali!

American Staffing Association Presents National Employee Staffing Week!

Did you know that during the course of the year 16 million contract employees are hired by staffing companies? Many work full-time compared to the average employee in the workforce. During this week ASA celebrates National Employee Staffing Week to promote why we love our contract employees and all the benefits they get! We decided to outline the benefits and show you why being a contract employee is the right move for you.

Contract employees have the flexibility to make their own schedules and work from home. This creates the opportunity for a better work/life balance.

Earn More Money
A contract employee gets paid for every hour of work they do, sometimes at a higher rate. If your skills or expertise are in high demand you could even be paid more.

Choose Your Work
During your time with a staffing company, you are exposed to many different industries and career fields. You can gain experience and insights from different companies and job projects by becoming a contract emplo…