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Recruiting 101: Getting More Responses From Candidates

Finding the perfect candidate can be tough and sometimes time consuming. Whether you recruit IT professionals or construction workers, there is always some difficulty with getting them to respond to your job. So, how do you increase responses and make faster hires? We've come up with some recruitment tips on how to get those difficult candidates to respond!

Personalize every message. A job candidates doesn't want to see some long, generic email that you send to everyone. If you personalize the message with somethinig that catches their eye, they are more likely to respond positively. Use and spell their name correctly, mention something specific about their resume and point out the factors of the job you think will appeal most to them.

Trying texting candidates more. This has proven to be a great tool in recruitment these days and can increase candidates responses. Compose a short text that is brief and to the point. Also, include a link to the job so that the candidate knows yo…

Spring Clean Your Social Media Presence

Spring has sprung which mean it's time for you to clean up your social media presence! Social Media is a crucial tool for any company to utilize. Whether you start small with Facebook or go big with LinkedIn any outreach is positive for your business. It is even more important to stay relevant and up to date on all of your social media networks. Here are some tips to get everything in perfect shape.
Keep all profile pictures up-to-date. Refresh your logo every once in a while to stay relevant with followers.Update your cover photo with an attractive image that will boost followers. This is key since this is the photo that draws in viewers first.Update your "About" section and make sure all key points are covered.If your business has hours they adhere to, make sure those all updated to the correct times.On Twitter, create lists to organize your followers and industry contacts. Asses what matters to your customers most. Create content they want to see and what will keep them…

Recruiting 101: Building a Talent Pool

Previous applicants. Any candidate who applies for a position can be a future lead. Whether they have made it to an interview stage or were just not the best fit, it is a promising idea to always save their resume. You never know when the right job will pop up for any specific candidate.
Online networking. Use LinkedIn, Facebook and other online networks to build a talent pool. By making meaningful connections now, you can later connect with talent when you have the right job for them. These networks are also useful in getting your company brand and culture in front of candidates by piquing interest and therefore forming talent pools.
Keep in touch. Sometimes you have those "rock star" candidates but have not found the perfect match for them yet. Make sure to keep in touch with these candidates and follow-up with them regularly. Once you do get that job that matches their skill set they are more likely to work with you and…