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5 Spooky Tech Tools for this Halloween

Halloween use to be about carving pumpkins and dressing up. Now it's all about who has the best lights, decorations and spooky effects! Are you worried you're going to fall behind on the Halloween decorations this year? Then check out some great tech tools to make your house the scariest on the block!
Motion DectectorsControl everything from fog machines to spiderwebs and give your neighbors a chilling thrill.Thermographic CamerasWorried about those pesky ghosts? Well, worry now more with your own thermo camera to keep those poltergeists away!Virtual RealityExplore some Halloween themed adventures with Google CardboardUndead yourselfBecome a zombie with ZombieBooth and The Walking Dead's "Undead Yourself" AppSpooky Hologram'sUse an old CRT monitor to create a terrifying hologram

It's time to celebrate Diwali!

Last minute shopping pending?
Check out these great options for all of your Diwali shopping needs! AmazonSnap DealMyntraFlip KartJa Bong

It’s Diwali time which means it's time to dance and party, no language barriers! Check out these great music sites to get the party started!
GaanaSaavnHungama Music

Go Eco-Friendly this Diwali and check out these cool apps for safe alternatives to fireworks. Fireworks ArcadeFireworks

Indulge in a charity of your choice. Spread the joy and happiness to others this Diwali!

Pan Asia Resources wishes you a safe and fun-filled Diwali!