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The Final Rose: How Recruiting is like The Bachelorette

This season's bachelorette, Rachel Lindsey, is shaping up to be the most popular and well-liked bachelorette so far! Rachel gained fan's attention during her time on The Bachelor. She was quickly recognized for her bubbly personality and down-to-earth attitude. Her journey began weeks ago and is coming to an end very soon. How did Rachel get here? She started with 31 eligible bachelors and is now down to her final three. Rachel's journey to love is a lot like finding the perfect candidate for a job. Recruiters have to source and narrow down their results based on who is the best fit. Here are some lessons we learned about recruiting from Rachel's journey...

There's always going to fake resumes and candidates in the mix. Your job is to know how to sort through them and find the authentic ones. Much like Rachel's experience with Lucas aka "The Whaboom Guy" she knew he wasn't real and was not there for the right reasons so he was gone pretty fast. Go…

How to Succeed at an Internship!

So you’ve landed your self an internship! You’re probably a mix between anxious, psyched, determined and scared. If this is your first internship the sense of not knowing what to expect plays a big role. Here are some tips to prep for your first day and calm some of your completely normal nerves.
Look over the original position- It's probably been awhile since your interview and maybe you’ve forgotten- "What exactly did I sign up to do?" Look over the posting and remember that you are more than capable of doing those sorts of tasks asked of you. Check your route on Google Maps- It's always good to have a general idea of where you’re going, and you can also check out traffic patterns and figure out how early you should start to get ready. Rushing to get there on your first day is not ideal, and you don’t want to show up frazzled. Have a filling breakfast- You don’t know what will be asked of you on your first day. Maybe you’ll be eased in or you might have a lot thrown a…

If a picture paints a thousand words then a video could possibly paint a million!!

If pictures paint a thousand words then a video could possibly paint a million. On April 10th2017, a video of a passenger being dragged out of a United Airlines went viral. It has been around 48 hours and United stocks have taken a hit. The public is outraged with United Airlines, some folks have cut their United cards and United Airlines has lost a lot of good faith.  I was completely horrified when I saw the video. No matter whatever be the reason, it was completely unjustified for United and ground security to handle the passenger in such a brutal way.
Peter F. Drucker mentioned that there is only one purpose of a business: to create a customer. A customer is defined as a person who pays a business for goods and services. If a person does not pay, they are not a customer. Did United Airlines forget the fundamental rule of business and marketing? A customer experience that a business provides is the foundation for customer loyalty and repeat customers. I agree that there are tough…

An Interview with Vidya Sankaranarayanan from Brihadisha

The meaning of Vidya in Sanskrit is knowledge, but many more adjectives sprang to my mind during this interview. Vidya to me came across as a highly passionate, principled, strong and fiercely independent woman. She is a remarkable dancer who has been blessed by some legendary teachers in the world of Bharatanatyam. Here are some snippets our very interesting conversation.
Please tell me how you came up with the name Brihadisha for your dance school? Brihadisha is the primary idol in the Tanjore temple. Tanjore is where my Guru hails from, and where I learned Bharatanatyam. I relate Tanjore to my Guru, Shri K.P. Kittappa Pillai. His family was settled in Tanjore for several years, and were patronized by the Maratha King Sarfoji. I spent most of my summer holidays learning dance at my guru’s home. It was a second home to me. My guru’s ancestors have written several compositions on Brihadisha. To me, Brihadisha and Tanjore are synonymous to each other so I felt it was apt to name my dance…

An Interview with Kari Murphy from Loudoun Habitat for Humanity

Loudoun Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization whose mission is to create safe and affordable housing for residents in Loudoun County. We sat down with its Director of Resource Development, Kari Murphy and got her insights into how the program works, how you can contribute and the impact it has on the community.

Kari, could you tell us about yourself, and what you do at Loudoun Habitat for Humanity?
I am the Director of Resource Development for Loudoun Habitat for Humanity. I am also a wife and mother of two wonderful boys. I grew up in the mid-west in a small town. I mention this because what I love about serving the community through my job was learned by growing up in a tiny mid-western town. In my hometown, individuals supported each other and the local business within the community. I saw an outpouring of support and assistance within the community all throughout my childhood. I love that I am now able to practice that in my profession on a day-to-day basis.
What attract…

An Interview with Gladys Burke from ADJ Enterprises

It’s not every day that you meet a successful, grounded entrepreneur who is always ready to help the community and other entrepreneurs grow. So, I am really happy and excited to be meeting Gladys Burke, owner of ADJ Enterprises and getting to talk to her about her entrepreneurial journey.

Tell me about ADJ Enterprises and your entrepreneurial work here?
That is interesting what got me started. It goes two-fold. One is when I had my first child and fell in absolute love with him and being a mom. I was new to the area and didn’t know anyone here. So I wanted to do something that would allow me to take care of him myself. The flexibility of managing your time by having your own business appealed to me. Family is my utmost priority. Also, at that point I was trying to break into broadcasting and journalism. I faced some difficulty here from a race relations standpoint for opportunities. I decided I am never going to let one person determine my destiny. And that is why I started my company, …

An Interview with Janell Zurschmeide from Dirt Farm Brewing

The Zurschmeide family is no stranger to farming and agriculture and have since grown three successful businesses in Loudoun County. We got to speak with the owner of Dirt Farm Brewing, Janell Zurschmeide, to hear how it all started and her thoughts on women in the brewing industry. The Zurschmeide family own and operate Dirt Farm Brewing , Bluemont Vineyard, and Great Country Farms all in one convenient and scenic location!

Where did the idea and name for Dirt Farm Brewing come from?
The brewery itself was just seeking creatively how we could expand our family business. The property across from our farm and next to our winery went on the market. We wanted to put the land back in agriculture and find a way to make a living from it. We had thought of some other ideas but I had been witnessing that the Virginia craft beer scene was booming. I also noticed the rise and demand for folks wanting local ingredients. We had already been having local brewers asking for our peaches, pumpkins and …