The Final Rose: How Recruiting is like The Bachelorette

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This season's bachelorette, Rachel Lindsey, is shaping up to be the most popular and well-liked bachelorette so far! Rachel gained fan's attention during her time on The Bachelor. She was quickly recognized for her bubbly personality and down-to-earth attitude. Her journey began weeks ago and is coming to an end very soon. How did Rachel get here? She started with 31 eligible bachelors and is now down to her final three. Rachel's journey to love is a lot like finding the perfect candidate for a job. Recruiters have to source and narrow down their results based on who is the best fit. Here are some lessons we learned about recruiting from Rachel's journey...

Image result for whaboomThere's always going to fake resumes and candidates in the mix. Your job is to know how to sort through them and find the authentic ones. Much like Rachel's experience with Lucas aka "The Whaboom Guy" she knew he wasn't real and was not there for the right reasons so he was gone pretty fast. Go through resumes thoroughly and don't be afraid to ask the candidate the tough questions. 

Only one candidate is going to get the rose, so manage expectations accordingly. Don't string along someone who you know is not a good fit. This is just going to cause heartbreak in the end. It is better to be upfront and honest with them. This will help build a good talent pool of candidates for you to fall back on.

Image result for recruiterOne stand out quality about this season's bachelorette is her to desire to find the one who is in it for the long haul. You want to find candidates who are not going to flake or change their minds at the last minute. When talking to a candidate about a job, you want to sell the company to them. By selling the best qualities of the position you are more likely to find a secure candidate. Investing that time and energy will bring you what you want in the end. In our case it's a hired candidate and Rachel's it is a husband and a future family. 

Don't put your eggs all in one basket. The point of The Bachelorette is to have the opportunity to meet a group of men and interact with each and everyone one of them. If Rachel simply went with one guy on the first episode than she would never know if there was something better out there. Don't submit a resume and then give up your search. If you think the candidate is not a 100% fit then keep looking for that perfect match.  

In the end there is only one final rose to be given to the best match. Make sure your candidate is the one given the final offer in the end. By properly preparing your candidate for interviews and keeping them informed you are more likely to be successful in the end. It will all lead to a happy ending for the recruiter and for Rachel.

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Written By: Mallory Gray

All pictures and name belong to ABC (The Bachelorette)


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