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American Staffing Association Presents National Employee Staffing Week!

Did you know that during the course of the year 16 million contract employees are hired by staffing companies? Many work full-time compared to the average employee in the workforce. During this week ASA celebrates National Employee Staffing Week to promote why we love our contract employees and all the benefits they get! We decided to outline the benefits and show you why being a contract employee is the right move for you. Flexibility Contract employees have the flexibility to make their own schedules and work from home. This creates the opportunity for a better work/life balance. Earn More Money A contract employee gets paid for every hour of work they do, sometimes at a higher rate. If your skills or expertise are in high demand you could even be paid more. Choose Your Work During your time with a staffing company, you are exposed to many different industries and career fields. You can gain experience and insights from different companies and job projects by becoming a c