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I would like to read your story

I recall my career service coordinator in my university telling me that a resume is basically your story. As the protagonist and author of your story, it is hard to imagine anyone else doing a better job writing it but yourself. He shared this insight with me more than a decade ago, but it still stands true.    However, I have learnt with time and experience that a resume isn’t a complete story, but just a  collection of significant chapters of the story. It is crucial to do your homework to paint a picture of your career and project yourself in the best light.   I feel resumes have been treated as the inferior cousin of ‘interviews’ which is quite unfortunate. A study conducted a few years ago stated that candidates have about 6 seconds to grab a recruiter’s attention with their resume. This is much more stressful than the 30 second elevator pitch, but with a little hard work and guidance, you can whip up a great resume.   The last few months have been chaotic to say the least. Client