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The 2017 Oscar Snafu & the Take-Away for Small Businesses

The Oscars is one of the most anticipated award shows that has attracted millions of viewers across the globe for the past 89 years. The Oscars has provided decades of entertainment through its hosts, nominees, winners, heart-felt speeches and interesting fodder for the media. But this year, everybody has been only talking about the BIG OSCAR SNAFU that happened with the Best Picture awards mix-up. There were a few other blunders that happened that night but the award mix-up between La La Land and Moonlight stole the show, sadly in a wrong way. Unfortunately, this is the case with negative publicity. The impressive work of Jimmy Kimmel, the speeches of multiple winners, the history that La La Land created with record breaking nominations, Viola Davis speech, etc. all took second place to the Best Picture mix-up. Such snafu’s affect the credibility and reputations of the organization while creating negative publicity for days to follow. The Oscars are the most prestigious

Finding & Romancing a Candidate

Love is in the air!  It's the season of hearts, flowers, and spending the day with your loved one or trying to find the "one." The world of recruiting today is much like your typical dating scene. We take the time and effort to find our soulmate and recruiting a candidate is no different. As recruiters, we source hundreds of resumes each day looking for that perfect match. Here are some love lessons on how you can find and romance a candidate: Finding love online.  The same way that you use to find that special someone is the same way recruiters use LinkedIn or Ladders to find that perfect match. Love is everywhere and diversified. Using the right site or social network can determine how you find that one.  Speed dating. Ever spent just 5 minutes getting to know someone? Yeah, us too. Recruiters go through hundreds of resumes each day and spend about a minute going over them. We use that time as a brief run down of their history and qualifications.