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Holiday Apps

The holidays are full of shopping, travel and festive cheer! It's also full of stress, busy malls,  and spending lots of money, but did you know that there's a way to make all of that easier this holiday season?  We've compiled a list of great holiday apps that will show you great deals, lessen your traveling stress and keep the kids entertained!  Travel Apps: 1. Hopper            This app helps you pick the best dates by price. It also helps with limiting the number of layovers and applying filters for cheaper flights. 2. Hipmunk              Let's you pick your flight between a cheaper itinerary or a comfortable direct flight. 3. TripIt              Packages your entire itinerary so you have it right at your fingertips. 4. Hotel Tonight              Helps you find comfortable and reasonable priced hotels to stay during your holiday travels. 5. Find your Friends              Keep tabs on where your friends will be and where yo

Emote Your Brand Through Colors : Holiday Edition

It's the holiday season ! Our favorite time of the year to give and receive presents. Did you know that the way we wrap our presents has a psychological effect on the person receiving them? The first thing we notice about any present is its color and what could be inside of it. There are three ways we react to color during the holiday season and every time we look at a brand: 1. Color Symbolism 2. Conscious Association 3. Color Psychology When a woman see's a " robin blue " box, what is the first thing she thinks of? A Tiffany's box, of course! Or how about when a boy see's the alluring green X on the cover of his brand new X-BOX. All of these colors are consciously associated with a brand or product. We get excited about seeing these colors and shapes because we know it'll be something beautiful or fun inside the box. Color psychology and symbolism is also present with different cultures. Gifts in China are typically wrapped in red

Emote Your Brand Through Colors

Brand Marketing is no child's play. There are so many variables that help establish a brand in a positive way. Human psychology plays an important role in marketing and persuasion. The colors, words, and images you use all play a role in how you brand yourself, your product or your service. According to the study "Impact of color on marketing" 90% of quick judgments made about products were based on color alone. What do these colors really mean? Source: Color influences how a customer views the brand and its personality. We also associate colors with brand identity. We recognize brands by their colors and how they make us feel. The Psychology of Color: Color/visual ques = high impact on conversion rates Audiences have a limitied attention span when it comes to the internet. The only way to grab their attention is by standing out. Companies and websites does this with bold colors. Colors can direc