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Inauguration Day: Tips on how to be successful during your first 100 days

Have you ever worried about starting a new job? How about becoming the President of the United States? Today is Inauguration Day and with that comes many new and exciting changes. We get a new President, Vice President, First Lady and so on. The President's first 100 days has said to be the benchmark on how successful his term will be. The same goes for anyone starting a new job no matter what position it might be. Your first 100 days are essential to making a good first impression and setting yourself up for success. We've put together some tips on how you can be successful during your first 100 days! You only get once chance to make a first impression. The way you dress, act, talk is all considered during your first day on the job. The way you present yourself is crucial to how you want your coworkers and superiors to see you. So, dress for success and portray yourself as a professional.  Go the extra mile. When starting a new job you should try to go the ext

Friday the 13th Marketing Tips: How you can make your customers feel lucky!

It's Friday the 13th and that means a lot of talk about superstitions and unlucky habits. So, what is Friday the 13th and makes it so scary? The superstition around this day came about in the Middle Ages or possibly even earlier than that. The day itself has spun off many superstitious such as, not walking under a ladder or seeing a black cat means bad luck! It's even created some of the biggest horror movies out there. Ever heard of a mask-wearing killer named Jason? Well that's a movie you might have seen named "Friday the 13th." The whole idea around this day has become a culture phenomenon and is constantly dreaded due to a fear of bad luck. So, how do you turn this day into your brand's advantage? We've put together a list of marketing tips on how to bring you some luck on this unlucky day. Make Friday the 13th a lucky day for customers. A lot of people focus on the superstitions on this day and how they could bring them bad luck. Use this

Social Recruiting Tips

The world of recruiting is always evolving and becoming more and more competitive. It is the job of the recruiter to stay ahead of the game and source the best candidates. In today's social media savvy world the amount of sourcing done over social media has reached new heights.  The Facts: 94% of companies are using social media to source and recruit candidates 14.4 million job seekers have used social media to find a job 73% of companies successfully hired a candidate with social media The facts don't lie and if you're not in the social media game then you are falling behind. The one mistake that recruiters tend to make is by sticking to only LinkedIn when sourcing for candidates. According to Job Cast, 93% of companies use LinkedIn for recruiter when only about 36% of job seekers are active on LinkedIn. When you compare that number to Twitter and Facebook you see a huge difference. 66% of recruiters use Facebook and 54% use Twitter while 40% of job seeker

Social Media Tips & Trends for the New Year!

Source: Is your marketing strategy prepared for the New Year? We've put together a dynamic list of new trends and tips you need to follow in order to stay on top of your marketing strategy. Live Streaming : One of the biggest features that is going to take-off in 2017 is live video recording. Not only can you go live on Facebook, but Twitter now offers it as well! Live video is a great opportunity to show off you products or services to your audience. You can interact with your costumers and receive feedback. Influencer Marketing : This type of marketing focuses on having key leaders drive your brands message. This is done by inspiring or hiring influencers to get the word out for you. Social media is a huge component in influencer marketing since word-of-mouth has driven many marketing campaigns. You either create the content for the influencers or they create it themselves. Chatbots : Ever w