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Recruiting 101: Building a Talent Pool

Prioritizing talent and investing time in building your talent pool is critical for any staffing firm. A deep talent pool can be an agency/recruiters best friend. In an ideal world, when you have a job that needs filling you'd already have the perfect employee who is ready to fill the position immediately. In reality, it is unlikely that perfect candidate is ready to fill the role when you have the job for them. That is why a talent pool is a contingency plan you need to have in place. It is also a needed method of reducing the cost and time to hire and ensuring your businesses productivity is not affected too much by skill and resource shortages. So, how do you build a talent pool? We've outlined some steps for any company or recruiter to take to build their talent pool or keep their current one efficient.  Previous applicants.  Any candidate who applies for a position can be a future lead. Whether they have made it to an in