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The Art of Storytelling

I recall my career service coordinator at my university telling me that a resume is your story. As the protagonist and author of your story, it is hard to imagine anyone else doing a better job writing it but yourself. He shared this insight with me more than a decade ago, but it still stands true. However, I have learned with experience that a resume isn't a complete story, but a collection of significant chapters of that story. It is crucial to do your homework to paint a picture of your career, and project yourself in the best light.     The last few months have been chaotic. Clients are more selective as they haven't had candidates work from home on such a large scale. To stand out against the competition, candidates need to have a great resume. Coming from a talent acquisition agency environment, I would like to share my experience with what kind of resumes catches my attention.    Agency recruiters work on a large volume of requirements and work with diverse candidates ev