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In honor of the upcoming Veterans Day we have put together a list of job resources for Veterans looking for their next career. Veterans have a lot to offer, but sometimes have a difficult time of finding that next job. That's where we and employers like us come in. Pan Asia Resources is proud to work with all Veterans!

  • offers the largest veteran job board in the world. The individual can search for jobs, post resumes and network with other veterans. There is also other resources that include, transition resources, education benefits, and personal stories of others who went through the same process.

  • is a free web-based job board enabling federal job seekers to access job opportunities across different federal agencies.

  • VetJobs is sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States and is one of the leading job boards for veterans. They list jobs, military career fairs and even a spouse portal.

  • America's Veteran is an official website of the U.S. Government. Its function is to help veterans find jobs in the government. The individual can search jobs or even share their stories with a feature called, "Vet to Vet."

  • G.I. Jobs offers career advice, job tips, military-to-civilian pay calculator, resume tips, and more. There is also a feature to search jobs by industry and direct links to recruitment companies.

  • is a site that offers an expansive job database that allows veterans to search for jobs or post their resumes. They offer career resources about resume writing, transitioning, and even a special section for young veterans. 

  • is a career portal dedicated to the U.S. technology industry. Veterans can search for specific IT jobs for themselves or family members.

No matter when you served or how long, there is a career out there for you! Contact us today if you are a veteran looking for a job in IT, Utilities, Engineering, Administrative and more!

You can search all of our open jobs here-> 

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Written by: Mallory Gray


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